Livin Room is the best of both worlds, combining the light and sky of a conservatory with the walls and ceiling of an extension. Livin Room is truly multi-functional, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for meditation or it can be a ‘full on’ family room. Livin Room offers more, lots more than either a conservatory or an extension. Consider these benefits when choosing our range of Livin Room which features the Classic roofing technology.

Livin Room is retro-fittable to most conservatory roofs and perfect for conservatory roof replacement projects, the Livin Room will not only improve the aesthetics of the existing or replacement conservatory but will improve the thermal performance of the glazed extension providing greater insulation and therefore lower energy bills.

A Livin Room feature offers: Internal traditional orangery aesthetics – Cut to site for quicker installation – Configurable to all designs – Variable with from 300-1200mm – Can be insulated – Ideal from downlighters or speakers For more information. Please to contact one of our team who will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss the best options for you.


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